Monday, June 14, 2010

Quickies: Slim is in. MS no longer making standard 360s

Slim is in
Source(s): Joystiq 

The 360 Slim will not only be the latest and greatest it will be the only sku available starting like well.. now.
Check out this snippet

"Microsoft has confirmed during its post- press conference / mass console giveaway "media roundtable" that it is no longer manufacturing the original Xbox 360 hardware in any form. A Microsoft representative has told Joystiq that the now-outdated machine will continue to be sold until stock runs out, but, after that, slim is totally in. Sure, you could get a discounted 360 before the slimmer model arrives at the end of the week"
So not only will the slims be the same cost of the Elites, but after the arcade sku goes away then that means the only version left will be the near 300 dollar version.. that kind of sucks.

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