Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick thought on the 3DS Developer interviews

As I sit through these 3DS developer interviews I tend to see a lot of things going on. Each interview seems to bring me closer to the conclusion that Nintendo wanted to find a way to get all these developers on board with what they were doing by finding a way to appeal to their desire to only work with bleeding edge tech, while not suffering losses due to the expense of such technology. It's amazing that they were able to really able to pull it off and have the best of both worlds this time. 

You hear it in Keiji Inafune's (Capcom) interview where he talks about how they want to put the best graphics out there, and don't really want to sacrifice anything to make a good product. It also comes across in Ryan Stradling's (EA) interview as well. This also brings other things into view as well like Yosuke Hayashi of Team Ninja's reassessment of how a fighting game would work on a portable, and the realization that 3D can be actually implemented to every day life. This is really changing gaming on a minute scale at first, but eventually this is going to ripple out into larger areas of our every day lives.

Now the graphical and processing limitations of the DS that impeded them from creating better experiences are out of the way it seems that they are more interested in trying to create things for Nintendo's hardware, and I wonder what effect this is going to have on the Wii and it's successor in the future.  We already know that whatever the big N has waiting around the corner it's going to provide more than just improved motion control mechanics, and it's definitely going to have the HD quality graphics that the competition have been patting themselves on the back over.

That's enough thinking for tonight. I'll post more things up tomorrow as they come.

Source(s): Nintendo E3 Interviews

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