Monday, June 14, 2010

Microsoft E3 conference... welll.. it's a conference.

Just finished watching what could be considered the most bizarre E3 conference ever. Microsoft said that they were trying to push for a more family-friendly image in Natal, now called Kinect, but holy hell what in the thirteen colonies was that?  A little girl playing with an imaginary tiger, a guy fapping over a virtual car, dance routines, and the only thing they've shown so far that was for the Cores was Halo Reach, Fable 3, and  Gears 3. Should we dare expect to see an uprising on the Xbox end, with people saying that Microsoft abandoned them for "those damn casuals" ? Because, yeah I could totally expect to see that happening in the near future.

What good things can we talk about, though? I mean talking about the negative seems counter productive to this blog. We have to have some good points, right?

  • Well you can now use motion and voice controls to get your Justin Bieber fix
  •  The new Xbox has built in Wifi, so now I can stop using that as a point of argument.
  • With the new Wii-ish games they are catering more to a family friendly image and not just teenage boys
  • Halo Reach looks...well.. Halo-y
  • Kinect has the answer to Nintendogs, but the answer looks really strange and is named "skittles". 
  • Even if you lose Kinect Sports' crowd will cheer for you.. take that low self confidence.
  • Girls actually play Avatar: the last airbender  for the Gamerscore, not for the fun. 
  • Girls actually do play games, and it's not just a urban legend you hear from other people. 
 I'm not on board with what Kinect is trying to do, and I'm still trying to figure out whether any of those live demos were real or staged, but I will say this: Sony's conference is probably going to be really really good by comparison.

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