Monday, June 14, 2010

EA to rename their comapny to "That Shooter Place"

Wow.. EA's conference was well.. Shooter-filled. There were tons of like-looking shooters being shown.\Sure there were other games like Need for Speed, and Sims 3 and even Star Wars: The Old Republic being shown, but to get to those we had to sit through the new "emotion filled" Crysis, which was chock full of Metal Gears..(and Kojima isn't going to sue them over that?) Metal Gear Crysis wasn't the dumbest game of the shooters, because that honor belongs to Bulletstorm. Mature games for mature gamers with such phrases as "you just scared the dick off of me" and a bunch of other random things that real people don't say.

Dead space was interesting, but there were some really odd places. like the whole candlelit chapel in space that made it more castlevania-ish than Lords of shadow. I wonder if the final boss is Space Dracula? It looks like they're turning the QTEs up to 11 this time, which means more time spent watching people do awesome stuff instead of you actually doing awesome stuff yourself. I guess that's the new trend these days.

EA fit seems to be kicking it into full force. with a multiplatform multi motion release. The controls for all seem like they're trying even harder to grab that wii fit demographic and establish it for the other two companies. Meanwhile, Sims 3's trailer looks very un sims like. It almost seems like they're trying to position Sims 3 as the new Second Life. which means that in the process Sims could easily lose both it's identity and what makes it unique. Hopefully this isn't what happens, but who knows.

Stay tuned for more conference talk from yours truly.

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