Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to reality

Every once in a while something happens to where you feel like you're in a dream, or that the stars have aligned to give you whatever your heart's desire. You revel in it and things are fine, but after a while things usually fall back to reality. This is the same for the results of this year's E3. The unanimous claims of Nintendo winning E3,  and excitement of the 3DS has captivated the gaming community and industry earlier this week, and now it seems that everything is slowly falling back into status quo; meaning it's hatin'  season once again!

Today I went into one of my favorite art forums to find that someone made a 3DS thread. I think to myself "oh so more people are showing excitement for the 3DS. I should pop in to see what they're saying". The opening statement is enthusiastic about the handheld, but the following comment states he dislikes the use of 3D and views it as a "gimmick". Fair enough. I inform the commenter that the 3D is optional, and can be turned off at any time.  Another question points towards the games being gimmicky and pointless, So I post the arm-long laundry list of games that will be on the 3DS, and a link to the developer interviews. I also state that things sound as if they should turn out much differently than the results of the Wii launch in 2006. I guess we'll see which direction the tone of the thread goes from there.

Personally, I can understand that over the years people tend to associate Nintendo with certain things, but you have to admit 3D without all the fringe stuff that would make it possible is pretty darn cool. And we're talking quality games here. not Imagine party babies, or Petz. Even Carnival games has already proved it's worth as a solid game despite it's negative stigma as a mini game collection.

What I feel like I'm trying to say is that no matter how well Nintendo does or how much they try to prove their devotion to the core and expanded market, it just seems like people are always going to pull the "gimmicky baby games" card on them. But why is this? Could it be through the lack of knowledge, or negative image being projected onto them through their competitors? And how long is that going to last when even Sony and MS are going the "path of least resistance" and claiming other people's hit releases as their own?

People who talk to me through websites or various forums know that I tend to try my hardest to present information to show people who might not understand what's going on the bigger picture. I do this because I see these awesome games getting the brush off from gamers, and instead more focus is on the samey mediocre shooters that plague the other consoles. Gaming is suffering from a serious problem and the solution starts with a bit of diversity, and variation. If the HD games shown at E3 have anything to say about it, I hope you like playing Modern Warfare 2, because you're going to be playing it a lot this year.

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