Friday, May 14, 2010

Twitter review: Photo Dojo

Twitter Review: Photo Dojo
System: DSi
Reviewer: Nathaniel Bowman (Red Locker on Twitter)

Photo Dojo is available for free on the DSi until June 1st. And since I don't have a DSi I asked Red Locker to provide some input via twitter. This is totally new territory; posting reviews through twitter, but I have to say It's kind of interesting and this may become a regular feature of this blog. So without further ado, I present The Twitter Review.

Photo Dojo for the DSi is a digital toy where you can take photos, make them into fighters and play. Pro:Free! Con:lean content. about 22 hours ago via txt

@xxspiracy Well, I'm playing more of it, and basically, the novelty of the game really depends on what (or who), you take photos of. about 20 hours ago via web in reply to xxspiracy

# Hold on...I'm going to see if I can input drawings into Photo Dojo...     about 20 hours ago  via txt

Well, inputting drawn artwork into Photo Dojo is hard if not impossible due to limits. It's all photos, with no drawing tools.

 - From xxspiracy
@red_locker I guess you could use original characters if you cosplayed your own creations lol.

# So, Final Verdict on Photo Dojo: lean on content and longevity, but it has an interesting idea that should be developed more.     about 14 hours ago  via txt


So, if you're curious, get the game for free while you can, because on June 1st you will need 200 points to get it.     about 14 hours ago  via txt 

 If you're interested in getting a copy of Photo Dojo you should hop to it. It seems kind of a novelty game, but with it's current price, there should really be no reason for you not to get a copy of the game. Have a great weekend, guys!

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