Friday, May 7, 2010

The Nintoaster and other sweet casemods

James Rolfe's newest AVGN episode featured a nice little surprise at the beginning; A sweet little chrome toaster with the guts of a top loading NES stuffed in it, Soft blue LED lights and a false bread top. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted one for myself. This isn't the first time I've seen a NES mod on the internet and thought to myself "Damn, I want that so badly" , so I decided to compile a few of my favorite Nintendo mods up for your viewing pleasure.

The Nintoaster 

Though not as cool as Rolfe's chrome beast. Stupidfingers has a pretty awesome post and video about his endeavor. Of course this has me wanting to cruise the thift store scene for a spare NES and a chrome toaster.

Source(s): Stupidfingers

NES Computer mod

So you complete your NES mod. So what are you going to do with the old housing? The answer is so freaking obvious! Turn it into a PC!! I absolutely adore this idea, and being a person who doesn't really have much in terms of actual space for a tower or multiple towers, this would be an awesome alternative.The ram this mod uses isn't really that much (256) , but you should be able to run various emulators (if that's what you're into) and watch DVD playback with ease.

Source(s):  Instructables , RedhotScott

 Tricked out NES

You say you love your NES, but wish it could be a bit more modern? Well this casemod adds a remote sensor for hard resets, Stereo output with optional volume knob, and a trendy little blue led in the place of the "drab red one". There are other features but they tend to border on piracy. The lockout chip killswitch (yes it's an actual switch) and the  reprogrammable cartridge mod is one of those added perks that could be used to play pirated games. Then again, I personally don't see anything wrong with piracy on dead consoles.

Source(s): Raphnet

Kamikaze NES is glorious

Man this thing is just gorgeous. Smoothed to perfection with the ventilation section migrated to the console's side. The Sun even lights up when the console is on. Damn good design over all. Even the controller looks awesome.

Source(s): Kotami's blog (translated from french)

Classic Zelda Casemod 

Another beautiful casemod from Kotami. This is a second attempt at a zelda themed NES. The top is plexiglass which illuminates blue when the console is on. A definite must have for any fan of the NES or classic zelda games. Again, Fantastic design, and I could easily see this sitting on my entertainment center.

Source(s): Kotami's blog (translated from french)

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