Monday, March 29, 2010

Quickies: Dave Perry on the 3DS

Dave Perry on the 3DS.
Source(s): GoNintendo, Twitter. Fujifilm

Dave Perry, who's exploits in video games are legendary, has stated on his Twitter account that he's excited for the 3DS and that he believes that the same tech is being used in his fuji 3D camera. Since Nintendo will probably remain tight lipped about this up until E3, I can't really confirm or deny this being anything more than speculative hype, However if the rumors have been true that Nintendo has been showing off the tech to developers, and Perry is one of those guys this might be a  pretty big scoop.  Oh well. more hype and speculation to come.

Also here's some more information on the Fuji 3D display. which also falls into the whole Lenticular Stereoscopy discussion I had in my previous post on the 3DS's 3D technology

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