Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Halo Legends.... possibly Legendary.

Halo Legends is an anthology series of smaller movies centered around the world and characters of the Halo Universe. It's very reminiscent of previous anime anthologies like Batman: Gotham Knight and the Animatrix. This is because like it's predecessors, these shorts are created by (personal favorites) studio 4°C Production IG and Toei Animation with Shinji Aramaki (forner production designer of such animations as Bubblegum Crisis, Appleseed and yes M.A.S.K.) as Creative Director.

Going into this I have to say that I already knew that I was going to see some really awesome visuals due to the stellar track records of all participating parties. Let's just say that I was wasn't disappointed. From the time you press "play movie", you are treated with incredible scenes from the planet of the Forerunners at the onset of the flood invasion ("Origins"), to a beautifully watercolor Edo period version of the Alien worlds of the Covenant ("The Duel", "The Babysitter"), to beautiful planets ("One one out", "Homecoming"), to war torn areas ("Prototype"), And even deep space ("The Package"). All done with this incredible quality that brings the Halo universe to life. For the most part these stories genuinely respect the source material while adding their own unique flair. Even the parody aspect of spartan 1337's (lol leet) Dragon ball z-ish adventure in "Odd One Out" still feels like it could happen in the Halo universe (From what i hear it's considered to be non cannonical of course).

Naturally, I did have a few gripes with a few of the segments. Like how I kind of figured out how "The Babysitter" was going to end, and how the reveal of Cal 141's identity would change the overall perspective of the ODST Sniper, O'Brien. Of course it wasn't too major of a gripe. There will be a few viewers who will have issues with the lip syncing and such, but that's commonplace amongst dubbed anime, and could easily be ignored in light of everything else the segments have going for them. The only other problem I had was that when I finished watching it I kind of wanted more, but that's never really a bad thing, now is it?

If you enjoy Halo and/or are a fan of Animatrix, and Gotham Knight, you should either pick this up or put it in your que. It's definitely worth a watch.

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