Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Gamer's Valnentine

I can be sentimental at times. I have emotions, and feelings. However I hate being mushy for the sake of it. Why? I really couldn't tell you other than finding a long winded way of saying "blame it on the t-t-t-t-Testosterone". However, I care about my games. Like care-care. I remember when I got into a situation where I wouldn't be able to make rent, one year and I had to do the unthinkable; which was sell a few games to get enough money to cover my ass. Mann, you'd think that someone came in and killed my entire family! It's okay, I'm totally cool with everyone on the internet knowing that I shed tears over selling a Sega Saturn with it's games (Albert Odyssey and Rayearth are still deeply missed) and a bunch of somewhat rare PSX games (I still kick myself over not keeping Ghost in the shell). I've seemed to have come to terms with doing something for the sake of survival over that of my games, and have since (somewhat) moved on. After moving from the coastal end of Virginia to the cold climate of Omaha, Or as I like to call it: America's abs, We got ourselves unpacked and settled. Six months later, Everything was going well until one day.

It was watching House Hunters International with my wife, (yeah..she wins at television) and there was this particular part in the background music that reminded me of Raycrisis's Original mode theme. When you get a song stuck in your head you play it to get it out, right? Well that's the same thing with games for me. The problem was that after going through the gaming box for roughly and hour I still couldn't find hide nor hair of Raycrisis. This wasn't the only one; as I also couldn't find Persona 2, Castlevania Chronicles,SOTN, Kensei Sacred Fist and both Lunar games. I tore the closet apart and looked through everything, and couldn't find them. Retraced my steps, considered the possibilities of maybe leaving them behind in the move. And then after going through the various stages of loss, I just resigned to the fact that the games were somewhere and I'd run across them, eventually. I sure wasn't going to start pointing fingers for fear of looking like an a-hole if they turned up somewhere.

So a couple weeks pass and today I start looking for the usb cables for my scanner. I just finished this sweet Viewitul Joe drawing for an artrade and wanted to scan it up before I send it off. I'm going through the closet and by chance happened to open my huge box of NES games and low-and-behold in the corner of the box happens to be a stack of PSX games. Yes, the ones I thought I lost. I could have hugged those games. It was like I just discovered a ancient treasure. So now, As I sit here with these games stacked next to my laptop, I can think of nothing but the sweet sweet gaming session that is about to happen after I finish this blog post. To the average person this is probably just a matter of geeking out over some frivilous plastic. Fair enough. To me this is a man reuniting with his favorite games for a bit of gaming based lovin which will continue on through the weekend. Well maybe not sunday. After all, I have to do something nice for the woman who wins television.

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