Monday, January 11, 2010

Will The Sonic fan get the shaft, again?

Sega has already set the wheels in motion on project Needlemouse, by announcing that they're going to provide a list of character names and proceed to eliminate the names one-by-one until we are left with the characters that will actually be in the game.

Notice the lack of series regulars Tails and Knuckles? .....yeah. Also I've been out of the Sonic universe for a good while, but who the hell is Tikal? When did Method Man hook up with Sonic and his crew?

I kid, I kid.

This leaves me with some bit of concern. I'm assuming that you guys are actually familiar with the Sonic Cycle? It's an internet meme that basically explains the fan reactions to the current Sonic games in three simple steps.

it's hilarious, and yet chillingly accurate, and I can't deny that things are pretty much playing out exactly like an internet born prophecy. (According to GoNintendo commentary we're entering the second part of the cycle) This week is going to be pretty interesting. If things play out exactly like the cycle says then this will be a pretty disappointing week for Sonic fans, if not this might be the true Sonic revival that people have been waiting for.

Might want to keep your expectations low on this one, folks.

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