Monday, December 21, 2009

No games coming out? it's backlog time!!

Every year, we're often met with a dry period in gaming. A point where there really aren't many games coming out for whatever systems we own. Most people on the internetz just bitch and moan. "wahhhh why aren't we getting any new games", they say. Meanwhile other people just cling to the desire to get whatever games they're waiting for to release. I say you guys are doing it wrong. The answer lies not in the stars, dear reader, but in our shelves. What I'm saying is you need to start on that backlog.

Many gamers have them. Games that they basically purchased either in a moment of hesitation, or due to the word-of-mouth of a friend, or co-worker. These games are played maybe a few times, and then put down for the lure of a newer game, Or the savagry of the rage quit. You may have maybe ten games that you haven't beaten, or twenty, or if you're like me, you may have a hundred or so games sitting somewhere in a box that need to be worked on immediately (Let's just say that i have alot to catch up on). But let's say that you don't have a backlog of games, and need to actually establish one. How does one do that? Well Let me be your guide as i help you to build a better backlog.

Hit the Bins!!!!

The best place to start with building a backlog is to hit the $9.99 bins at your local gaming store. These are places where you'll mostly find popular games from last generation and beyond while maintaining your financial integrity. For me it would be Gamers, but for you it could be Kmart, Walmart, Or even the dreaded Gamestop. Despite their repeat offenses in douchebaggery, GS does have some pretty good buy-two-get-one-free offers.

Make a List, Check it twice.

Remember the old days when you looked through gaming magazines at previews, reviews or advertisments, and said to yourself "I want to play that game so bad."? Or maybe you find yourself on gaming sites doing the same thing? Well why don't you make a list of those games, and once they become available seek them out for your collection? I don't really do this, since I have a fairly good memory, but It's definitely something worth doing. especially when you do hit the bins and find that one rare gem that you've been wanting to play forever.

Don't be scared to diversify.

Every once in a while I get a craving for a game that usually falls outside of my collective interests. This leads to me wanting to try games like Red Dead Revolver, Project Gotham Racing, and Def Jam Vendetta. Don't be afraid to venture out and try a little "strange" now and then. Not only does it help you become more well rounded as a gamer, it also creates interest in possible sequels. Because of playing and beating Red Dead Revolver, I'm interested in playing it's sequel; Red Dead Redemption.

When in doubt ask a friend.

Word of mouth is always a good motivator. When looking for games don't be afraid to ask a friend, co-worker, ect. I even listen to podcasts like Retronauts, and Rebel FM who do retrospectives and group playthroughs of games from previous generations. Retronauts did an episode on the first Half-Life game, which prompted me to find a copy and play the game, while the Rebel FM crew (well technicaly back when they were on the 1up show) got me interested in finding a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. . Come to think of it, I still need to find a copy of that game.

That's pretty much all for this one. Just remember if you have time to whine about a lack of games, you have time to get on your backlog and clear some space for your next purchase. Thanks and Game on!!

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