Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kotaku puts bias spin on news again. noone is surprised

Remember this article?

Apparently the brash title and harsh nature of the article was proven false through this NeoGAF thread. Below is an excerpt from the post.

- It was a pain in the ass to understand. Why can't the french speak better english?

- Ubisoft is not changing the future guidance; it's too early in the season to know how sales will go.

- Regarding AC2... online breakdown is about 55% on 360 to 45% PS3 (although when he first says this it sounded like he said 65% 360 to 45% PS3)

- Regarding Wii software sales... 'some games are meeting expectations, some are not.' They refused to say which titles did what, claiming that they were still waiting for more numbers and that it was too early to know...

- ... They did claim that "Rabbids Go Home is taking off."

- Two investors phrased their questions in a way that would make this thread proud. One called Wii software sales a "malaise," the other saying that the Wii wasn't helping the industry. The Ubisoft reps shot down both suggestions, stating that they expect the Wii to have huge December and that 'the system has a high penetration and can be very profitable with quality software.'

- Ubisoft expects most of THEIR growth for the next year to come mainly from the 360 and PS3. (Looking at their current results its not surprising)

- 10 Natal and 5 PS3 wand games are currently expected within the first year of each accessory. 70% of those titles will be new IP's. They are focusing on the casual market.

- New PoP will cater to both hardcore and casual gamers... with 'lots of action' and I got the impression that they were saying that they were going to make it easier for the casual gamer.
This is just another part of my growing list of complaints against gaming journalists, and this isn't even the first time someone made "adjustments" to the truth to push their agenda. I'm sure it won't be the last.

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