Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gaming on my birthday

I wasn't going to post anything about my birthday. within the last couple of years my birthday has been rather blah, and even resulting in some pretty crappy stuff to happen which otherwise ruins it. However yesterday pretty much changed all of that.

When I woke up yesterday morning I checked GoNintendo's VC/Wiiware update and discovered that Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth was available for purchase and download. Which was just awesome. I was hoping that at least that or Cave Story would grace us with it's appearance on the Wii shop channel. This was just the start of my perfect day of gaming. After calling my brother and talking for a bit he gifted the copy of the game to me, and I proceeded to prepair the Wii for it's new arrival

The second part was the gifts from my mom and brother. I got the gift from my mom in the mail, and didn't expect to get the other, only to find it at the doorstep. which i found out was a copy of Tekken 6 for 360. My brother seems to think that he has a clear advantage over me in Tekken because it's fast paced and easier to master than Street Fighter. I can assure you that is not the case, and it will be my digital foot being broken off in his digital ass for this poor assumption.

The final present, was clearly unexpected. We went driving around downtown Omaha only for us to pull into Family Fun Center, which is one of the last arcades here. FFC isn't just an arcade these days, as it's also home to both a Lazer golf course and a three level based lazer tag course called "Secret Agent Lazer Tag" (The commercials make it highly reminicent of Goldeneye 64).
So we split ninety tokens between the three of us and pretty much have a damn good time. I found the Fist of the Northstar Punchmania arcade game and prepaired to ruin my knuckles playing it. I heart that game so much, and I would easily throw down a couple hundred to purchase the machine. Konami, if you're reading this, you should consider making a version of this game for the Wii!

ugh!! why are you so awesome!!!
I spent about an hour playing this game. I had to stop thirty minutes in because I was completely out of breath from both punching everything to hell, and yelling just like Kenshiro did in the anime. TATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAT WHATAHHHHH!!!!! After coming back I finally beat the first mode, which ended with Shin committing suicide as to not explode at Kenshiro's finishing blow. There are still two more modes, which I shall return to finish at a later time.

Kario Mart PG!!
Shortly after, we discovered another awesome game that I've only seen through youtube videos, Mario Kart GP. On total of three games, we wound up winning at least one course each. In the first round Tony's Peach used her lightning rod (actually, he called it his Disco Stick) and wrecked My Pac-mobile (Yeah Pac man is in Mario Kart. awesome!) on its charted course to victory. The second one was a clear win by Myself as Mario, and the third was sinister move, by my wife as she maneuvered her way around me mere feet away from the finish line. What I didn't know about the game was that there's a camera on the cabinet that takes a picture of each gamer. I wound up making funny faces in the hopes of passing them would make them laugh and crash out. Yeah, Fun times were had by all.

I could never seem to get a good shot of this.

not only did i get a chance to play arcade games that haven't played, I got a chance to play a few 360 games I haven't been able to get as of yet. The King of fighters XII was there as modified arcade configuration. The game itself is timed based on the amount of quarters placed into the game. Once you run out of time you lose control of your character and if you're in the middle of whupping tail, then you basically forefit the match due to your inability to defend yourself. Bogus? yes. Other than that, I have to say that I can easily ignore all the negative things said about the game. It's a beautiful tribute to SNK's love of high framerates and meticulously crafted special effects. The game is so damn pretty, and with Ignition Entertainment's painstaking work to fix the problems that plagued the online on release it's definitely worth a purchase. However I'm resigned to the fact that SNK will never get the respect they truly deserve with gamers who seem to love repurchasing the same Street Fighter game with slight tweaks. That may be a blog for another time, however as this blog is supposed to be about games being fun!

It was around the time of my last playthrough of KOF as I am crowned by a strange hat and glasses that were won through a serious game of Deal or No Deal. My wife is serious business with that game often coming away with large sums of tickets. The hat was about 500 tickets, the glasses were 200. My amusement of looking like the Arcade Pimp? Priceless.

where my arcade bitchezzzz??
I want to say that was everything, but it wasn't. After I got home I downloaded Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth, played that, Played Contra Rebirth with Tony, Played Mario Kart and Brawl and then went to bed. Sure my knuckles are brused and bloodied, Sure Im dead tired, but This was probably the most fun I've had in a long time. I really enjoyed my 31st birthday, and I seriously doubt next year will be able to top it.

Game on!

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