Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gaming is for everyone? OH NOES 1!

And yet here's another cue that humanity is on the outs. This video featuring seniors and children playing NSMBWii together has the gaming community calling the wahhmbulance. "Oh noes I don't want my gaming corrupted by old people!! " they cry. "There goes Nintendo shoe horning the 'games for everyone' tag onto my old school gaming."

Every time i see a statement like that from the gaming community i tend to roll my eyes. Growing up in the 80's, playing games for Atari or playing the NES has been a family thing for me. I can remember my cousins and I playing the Atari, my parents playing Super mario bros. with me, and playing Super mario World with my cousin, later on with my ex girlfriend and currently with my wife

It's interesting, because gaming started out as this big community thing. Arcades were places where gamers of all ages gathered, The early gaming systems even went so far as to display families playing games and having fun on their boxes. ( Even the NES's japanese name was the Famicom which was short for Family Computer.) Gaming was more of a simpler time back then, but it has more to do with gaming kind of feeling it's way around at the time.

The Wii Fit of 1987
To celebrate the third horseman of the gaming apocalypse; the first two being Casual gaming, and Wii Fit, I decided to post pictures of people gaming who aren't males aged 15-25. Enjoy.

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