Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Diversity and Disinterest

Is it bad when you sit there watching a kid play through Uncharted 2 at a Walmart display, watch him do some spectacular feat with dodging jeeps and rockets and gunfire, and this gives you no desire to want to play the game yourself?

It's not that I hate Uncharted 2. I'm sure to you it's an interesting game, but I just feel incredibly indifferent towards it. I think that's also how I felt about the later Call of Duty games, or Saboteur or anything else that sits on Walmart's HD gaming shelves right now. I wish I had my camera phone on me. The 360 shelf reads like this: FPS, FPS, Sports game, FPS, FPS, RPG, FPS, 3rdPS. Not really much in terms of diversity. It's a damn shame. I like my 360, and I want to play more diverse titles on it, but Fairytale fights isn't going to cut it.

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