Saturday, December 19, 2009

360 degrees of separation

I would have never thought that internet would be so integral to my gaming experience this generation. I was pretty happy with just playing games like in the previous generation. Now I tend to enjoy the extras that come with each console's online service..well almost. Getting my 360 online has been the biggest headache that I've ever experienced. I can build computers, install programs, establish networks, but for the last two weeks I could not figure for the life of me how to establish an ethernet connection to Live.

Eventually, I figured it out; The answer was forwarding the ports through the router to establish connection, which I had to discover through the internet (thank you port I have to use an alternate method to connect to the internet since the 360 and the router aren't in the same room, So instead of using a long Ethernet cable, I figured out how to use my Laptop as a wireless gateway (oddly, That part was actually easier than I thought). After going through all of that I finally got onto Xbox Live, and made my account. My question is this: why is it so damn difficult to connect online with the 360, and yet ridiculously easy getting the PS3 and the Wii to do the same? The easy answer is "WiFi".

Both Sony and Nintendo have WiFi enabled consoles, that make it fairly easy for users to establish and connect to thier routers. Microsoft has a wireless adapter, but for $76.96 (It was $99.99 when it was first launched.) I'll stick with what works for now. Anyway, I got to try out the Bayonetta demo for a bit which was pretty awesome, And very Japanese. Hopefully, Santa brings a few 360 games, so I can at least play the full versions of Mirror's Edge, Arkham Asylum, L4D2, and Borderlands. Until then I'll be downloading the L4D2 demo, which is a whole gig (jeez!). The things I do for my love of gaming.

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