Monday, November 30, 2009

Some games are just better with local multiplayer.

So last night we decided to introduce my sister-in-law to Mario Kart Wii. She was interested in playing, and had never played the Wii before. So me, my wife, our friend, Tony and my wife's sister played until really late. It was both hilarious, and awesome at the same time. The funniest part of the night was when we started joking about Tony's Mii, "Darcy Gay" who looked like a genetic splicing between an old woman and a melted candle. It was afterwards that i once again realized that having four people play a game, any four player game together is awesome! Think back to when you and three of your friends sat down to play games like Goldeneye, or Perfect Dark. You get four people to play games like that and you got the funniest quotable statements, the craziest "I can't believe that happened" moments. you

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Even playing Halo with three other people in the room has been fun. Granted, there is a fair share of smacktalking that's done there, but it's still nothing short of amazing. It amost makes you wonder why theres a decline of local multiplayer in games. Sure, internet multiplayer is nice, and i often enjoy playing against people all over the globe, but there's just that level of human interaction that you just can't get through a headset. The internet is probably already pissed that i say such a blasphemous statement, but Personally, as i get older i tend to feel that each layer of technology seems to take away a layer of our humanity, and i really don't want to live in a world where i'm sitting in an empty room with white walls doing all my communicating with other humans via bluetooth.

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