Tuesday, November 24, 2009

put yourself in the developer's shoes....

My latest rant comes from the comments section of this article about how NIS feels that Nintendo and retailers make it hard for them to profit.


Here's the comment

I find it very comical how so many people are quick to say, "Nintendo was VERY smart to leave this or that out because it's Nintendo and they know what is right. They always get a thumbs up from me even if games lack a lot in one area or another." but when ANY and just about ANY 3rd party even lacks Wii Speak or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or ANYTHING not using the Wii's hardware to the best of it's ability, "OH MAN! CRAP GAME! LAZY DEVELOPER! NICHE GAME! CRAPPY! NO GOOD!" and it gets shoved off into the corner where 98% of all 3rd party efforts end up, even the very best ones.

You wanted new games and experiences on the Wii, yes? So why are you so quick to attack any that are fresh? Because fresh is "niche"? Motion controls don't make all games better. Even Nintendo themselves know this and add different control methods for many of their own games. People were praising that on-rails light gun WiiWare game about SHOOTING EVIL CANS! Yes, that's right: EVIL. CANS. If that was by Hudson, Namco, Capcom, or Marvelous, people would throw a fit. But wait, it was by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, so that's ok. "LOL! They can do better but this is a cool idea!" You get the idea.

It's like I said the other day: If I was a 3rd party developer, I would HATE to try and please some of you people with my companies games. I would probably just focus on all platforms BUT Nintendo's because it's not even worth it. I am competing with Nintendo themselves, and that's hard to top for all too many people, yet you praise stuff that actually IS, sometimes but not all, C-R-A-P. Most of the time, people fail to look at this stuff at a business perspective. Put yourself in the said developers shoes

The color part is what I'm going to talk about.

I've noticed this from both reading Malstrom's articles, and just by observing message boards and article commentary over the internet. Why is it that we (the gamers) are so easy to jump to the aid of developers, when in reality the issues the devs complain about are usually due to their own shortcomings? You hear it in every article; X company is having issues with making sales due to Y or Z. It's Nintendo's fault, it's the retailer's fault, it's the gamer's fault. Very rarely do you hear anything about the developers discussing their lack of advertising, which seems to be a recurring problem with companies overall, or the fact that the game itself just isn't striking a chord with it's targeted audience.

But to the common gamer on the interwebbernetz, we either need to step into the shoes of the developers to really understand what's going on, or it's our fault that we're not buying this game that was made specifically for the fabled (and i mean this in the most literal sense) "hardcore" market. Well if I were in NIS' shoes I probably wouldn't have made the play to port PS2 games to the DS while giving the PSP and PS3 my most newest offerings, but then again If I said that the response would be "what do you know, you're just a gamer".

Well to answer that statement I do know that both the Wii and DS obviously aren't systems to slouch on, and the companies that have are the ones that are bitching to the gaming press. I also know that during the NES and SNES era there were plenty of games that sold well next to Nintendo's first party offerings. The only difference now is that gaming took a strange turn to become movies on the HD systems. and if you happen to own Nintendo's platforms well you're just going to have to settle for rehashes and half-hearted offerings so we the developers can basically take your money and use it to make more games for the HD systems.

The only words that comes to mind here is "horse shit", which is exactly what this business practice is. pure horse shit.

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