Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Modern Warfare backlash continues.....

The MW2 debate rages on, and the gamers are making their point known that they're not happy with the PC version being gimped compared to the console versions. In fact every day you see more evidence that a wedge is being shoved inbetween gamers and the gaming industry.

case in point. Sean Malstrom posted this Joystiq review of the game on his site. and noted the paragraph at the bottom.

Disclaimer: The preceding review is based on an event organized and paid for by Activision, in which media outlets were provided hotel rooms, each equipped with an Xbox 360 and copy of Modern Warfare 2. As this was Joystiq's only opportunity to review the game in advance of its release, we willingly deviated from our standard policy of not accepting accommodations and used the room. We did so because we felt that participating in this event best served the interest of our readers.

For more information on the Joystiq Editorial Ethics Policies, please click here

Subtle. Another article by IGN's Mark Bozon reviewing the PC version of MW2 gives the game a 9.5 while on the side the user score is that of a 1.7 . This is shaping up to be an interesting conflict, indeed. As an intelligent person, who feels that he is in turn writing to intelligent people, I feel like I don't have to tell you that gaming journalism can be corrupt, and these sites are for the most part are on the take. The Kane and Lynch Fiasco pretty much proved that.

For those of us with short memories, Eidos basically pulled thousands of dollars of advertising from Gamespot because they were upset that their game got a 6.0 rating. Gamespot then fired journalist, Jeff Gerstmann, and what happened after that? Once gamers learned of this they revolted. Gamespot, Eidos, even Cnet could not escape the wrath of pissed off gamers. Reviews of Kane and Lynch basically dropped to 2.4/10, which caused Gamespot to basically block any of the users from hurting the score any more. Of course that made things even worse.

After something like that happening you would think that the industry would do their very best to keep the gaming populace happy right? Well not so much. In this particular case Activision and Infinity ward have both pissed off the entire PC gaming community with a lackluster effort. PC gamers who are used to customization features and large scale online being forced into an "archaic" (by PC gaming standards) matchmaking system. But that's not all. Removing things such as Lean which provides players a way to look around corners for tactical advantage, Loss of dedicated servers, Not being able to ban hackers and troublemakers from sessions, destroying Clan support as well as Modding and mapmaking options, and a couple other issues seems infuriating. However, the crown jewel is raising the cost of the PC version (which is basically a port of the 360 game) ten dollars more than the console version. That dear friends is an entirely new level of diabolical.

"why should we care about PC gamers, anyway?" you might ask?

One: Gamers are Gamers regardless of what platform they play on. we all have a common interest, and should stand together regardless.

Two: FPS games got their start on the PC. Games like Wolfenstien, Duke Nukem, Half Life and Doom were PC games originally. respect your gaming roots.

Three, and the most important point: If IW and Activision who has made it a point to basically run franchises into the ground with yearly installments basically gimps a game that had a reputation for having in depth features and raises it's price, what makes you console gamers think that they won't try the same thing with you guys in the future?

Consider that last one for a moment. What's going to happen one day when console gaming is being bottlenecked into something that pretty much goes against what most if not all the gamers want? I mean that's really what it boils down to. You can either fight it now before it becomes a larger problem in the future, or you can just sit back and look stupid when King Kotick decides to bone over everyone who has an interest in gaming. All just to further his plans for bleeding you unsuspecting lumplings dry.

Fight the power!

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