Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kids have it way easier.

I'm not even joking. Kids don't have to worry about jobs, the economy, politics. Even in gaming kids have it easy. case in point...

This is part of a game by way of Zoink Games called Wiiwaa. Where kids can place their wiimote inside of this stuffed animal (I'll refrain from any prision jokes, because I like to keep it classy in here.) and make him move around in a strange world. That's just way too freaking cool for words. It makes me wish i had something like this growing up.

So why can't we be more like kids?

Kids don't worry about things like framecount, or pixilation, or processing power. We do, but kids really don't. They just worry about how fun a game is. I have an eight month old nephew who watches me play games when he's around, and with some games he's just sitting there taking in all the colors, the noises, the action. He could seriously care less what engine the game is running on, or if it's running in 1080p.

But here we are adults in the realm of "super serious gaming". Ha, we're even told that games aren't even supposed to be fun. "fun" is only a psychological response to a positive experience in gaming. really? really? Yeah that sounds like something only a fun hating douchebag would say.

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