Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Even Microsoft wants a Super Guide now.

wow... just wow.

In an article found on, Microsoft just patented their own version of the "Super guide" which was a feature in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and in the soon-to-be Zelda Wii. Here is a snippet from the article.

"The Xbox system appears to be similar in concept to the popular free-to-use website GameFAQs, where users submit guides and tips of varying complexity. The Xbox system would allow gamers to include annotated screenshots and video clips, as well as audio commentaries.

Microsoft is also considering allowing developers to offer their own guides, although there is no indication that any of the content would be paid-for. It is also unclear how the system might affect the existing strategy guide business which has proven a lucrative market for both videogame and book publishers over the years."

This reminds me of those commercials featuring John Houseman in the 80's, but in this case Microsoft and Sony get their innovations the old fashioned way.. they stole it!! Oddly enough this too will be deflected valiantly by the blind supporters, and reworked into the mindset that they didn't steal the idea at all. They just merely decided to do what Gamefaqs have been doing all along, but making it so we don't have to leave our games to figure out how to get past a particular area.

And you know what? This was exactly what people said when they defended Nintendo's idea of the Super guide in it's early stages, right before everyone jumped on the "OMG they're ruining gaming" bandwagon.

Five bucks says Sony comes out with thier own version of a Super Guide in six months or less.

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