Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Et Tu, Riccitiello?

Oh John Riccitiello. I thought you and your guys were on their game, and knew what you were doing. Instead, when games like Dead Space: Extraction fail to get the sales numbers, you decide to start spouting this crap.

This quote is taken from an article on Spong
"To be honest with you", never a good way to start, "I think the Wii platform has been a little weaker than we had certainly anticipated. And there is no lack of frustration to be doing that at precisely the time where we have the strongest third-party share.

"I think driving revenues up on that platform from where we already are, which is up substantially from where we were a year ago, we are reaching out to Nintendo to find ways to partner to push third-party software harder.

"I frankly think they need more beats in the year than they get out of a first-party slate to be able to have the Wii software platform perform as well as they would like and we are building the products that are I think the most highly rated on the platform and at this point in time, generating the most revenue of any third party platform.

I would point out, by the way, the 50 million number of course includes Asia or Japan and I don’t think any of the western companies are likely to participate much at all on the Wii platform in Japan, so the addressable market we see is just a little bit below 40 million but that is still an important opportunity."


You know when a third party company goes in with some short-sighted assumption that they know how to sell games to the expanded audience, and they fail, the proper action is to blame Nintendo? Basically Nintendo should come out with more games, and that's the solution. Before it was that Nintendo should hold off on their games so third party developers can have an equal chance at making money on the Wii.

It's odd, because games like EAfit, Tiger Woods and Boom Blox have enjoyed moderate to spectacular success on the Wii. Meanwhile, games like Madden and Dead Space completely miss the mark. Maybe the expanded market doesn't want a "first person guided experience" or a watered down Madden experience? That's another thing; Why are Wii gamers getting a solid experience on Tiger and a red-headed stepchild version of Madden? that just doesn't make sense at all. Consistency, people.

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