Friday, November 13, 2009

and now for one of my patented games

And now I would like to play a game i like to call "dick, dick, Douche" this game is where I basically point out the person or persons who have outdone themselves in terms of douchebaggery and absurdity.

Let's get started.






what? you thought I was going to go about that in a more unflattering way? silly billies! However, i digress from my point. Gamestop!! Once again i gave you the benefit of the doubt, only for you to try to screw me...... again.

Long story short; I needed to get a new power supply for my 360, and thought that maybe Gamestop would have some cheap preowned units. So basically my wife, my friend and I decide to make a trip up to the local gamestop to get one. Well they had power supplies, but they were going at 40 dollars a pop. Are you freaking serious? Of course being the second generation cheap-ass that I am, I refused and decided to look elswhere.

The search basically lead me across the street to a gaming shop here in Omaha called Gamers .
and it was there that I found an xbox 360 power supply for $14.95. After bringing in my Xbox to make sure that it was the right fit, we paid, stuck around and played a little Toshinden on one of the Saturn gaming displays and then headed back to the house. I have to say that that's a pretty awesome store filled with tons of games from Atari to current gen. I know I'll be back there for the great service, the fair prices and to re-up my ever building NES collection.

With this last offense I've gone from disgruntled Gamestop employee to disgruntled gamestop customer, to basically an loyal customer of local videogame shops. which suites me just fine.

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