Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metroid 2 remake!!

I'm currently playing Metroid II: The return of Samus. I actually enjoy playing the game, and i've managed to work my way down to about 20 metroid left. Unfortunately, I had to currently cave in and find a map since I have no idea where to go next. Actually that's kind of my main gripe with the game.

I know if I would of bought the game new the instruction manual probably would of had it, much like the NES re-release of Metroid, but that's ok, because once I typed in Metroid II in my google search bar something amazing came up. A link to this. the Metroid II remake.

This project is being headed by DrM64 who blogs his progress via the metroid 2 remake blog. I really want to play the finished version and compare notes with the original. Don't get me wrong, the original game is fantastic on it's own, and most likely I'll be done with it before this is available for download. But I just can't let a labor of love such as this go unnoticed.

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