Thursday, October 2, 2008

the N-pire strikes back.

Nintendo's press conference kicked off this morning, and so far they've been dropping bombshells left and right. A brand spanking new DS after tons of rumors, Punch Out for Wii, Cave Story for Wii Ware, Sin and Punishment 2, Wii Speak Channel, tons of platformers, tons of puzzle games, tons of rythm based games, Tons of RPGs . A lot of stuff. It kind of sucks that Tatsunoko vs Capcom is probably going to stay over in Japan though. I really want to play as Cashhern

Wii Speak will be given it's own official channel this Novermber. complete with talking Miis that lip sync your messages. I was already excited about Wii Speak for the sake of using it in conjunction with The Conduit so I can smack talk to my heart's content.

Also the Storage solution problem has been solved apparently. Wii owners can expect a patch to appear in early 09 that will finally free up the SD slot for e-z storage. It's the same solution many of us have been speculating all along, which is good, even though I'm sure people would still buy up a HDD solution if there was one.

Honestly.... For the crap that people online talk about how companies nickle-and-dime them on every product upgrade we still rush out for our Iphones, Ipods, PSPs and whatever-gigabite system upgrades.



Nintendo 08 trailer

Punchout Trailer w/o all the other Wii releases.

Sin and punishment 2 trailer

storage solution

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