Sunday, August 17, 2008

Controllers, DVD playback, and SKUs

Since E3 ended all has been pretty quiet in the gaming news. There have been a few newsworthy things here and there. Nintendo being sued over controller patents, and seeking to overturn the order for them to pay up or discontinue their classic controller for wii and all gamecube controllers. A dumb thing to have to do especially since Nintendo got the ball rollowing on the first party wireless controllers (and The Wavebird was by far the best wireless controller ever IMO) using RF instead of Infared was brilliant, and I often enjoyed running downstairs and pressing the fire button only to still hear Samus firing away.

Speaking of Nintendo A new article on engadget's website has stated that Hackers have unlocked the Wii's latent DVD capibilities. Yeah it's nice to know that DVD was always there, just never really unlocked, but if i remember correctly, didn't Nintendo state that they wanted to drop DVD playback, to keep the cost of the system cheap and affordable?

And To be honest do we really need another system with DVD playback? I'm sure many homes out there have DVD players, and you already have two systems that have been playing tug-of-war over DVD formats as it is. The whole thing sounds ridiculous to me, but apparently that's what sells units these days.

Remember when the console wars used to be about games, and not how much technology can we force on people? Remember when you could just buy one company's system and just be okay with just that system. there were no 30, 60 or 250 gig Genesis consoles just one. and they worked just as well as the other ones.

Why can't we have that now? Sony says that their PS3s are serviceable to where you can replace the hard drives, much like Microsoft. So if that's the case why can't we have one system and a choice of standard ( or proprietary if you really want to nickel and dime us ) hard drives to where if you want more storage space you can get more storage space? Sounds pretty logical to me. Apparently Sony is trying to get down to one SKU as we speak. Perhaps Microsoft will follow suit? I dunno, but It's something I think would help overall unit sales, and keep people who are interested in buying a new system from being disappointed because of lack of whatever.

as always this is just my opinion

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