Monday, July 21, 2008

The perfect crime.

You know I was about to just let the circumstances of E3 go, but after reading articles all night, and thinking about how things went. let me lay something out for you guys. Let's call this scenario "the perfect crime". I know this is going to have that conspiracy theory edge to it , so I might as well just give you guys the heads up it's going to get really "JFK" real quick.

- The plot

07.16.2007 - Gamecock holds a "Funeral" for E3 as the gaming industry laments over the more corporate E3 causing it's apparent death, and that they should build a better show.

- The seeds

05.07.2008 - Vivendi, and Activision pull out of ESA

05.23.2008 - Lucas Arts and Id software pull out as well. the id softeware article had this quote

GP: At some point the continuing departure of member companies calls into question the ESA's ability to survive. The organization has gone from 28 to 24 members over the last few weeks and there are rumors of additional potential exits.

07.15.08 - Nintendo and Sony hold their conferences. both of them provide fans with disappointment and frustration. Nintendo especially due to their lack of interesting core games.

07.18.08 - Miyamoto explains that E3 is no longer the place to show off their core games.

- The coffin nails.

07.18.08 - I hate E3 like this
07.21.08 - Dave Perry calls E3 an embarassment
07.21.08 - E3 headed for extinction

What is this crazy man saying? Well It was established last year by gamecock that E3 was a dinosaur waiting for the asteroid to end it's suffering. A notion that other developers and industry insiders were already feeling (which is pretty sad) . Of course a tidal wave can't build momentum without a shifting of the tectonic plates. Companies not satisfied with the way the ESA are representing them at past shows decide to pull out, but it's obviously not enough to take down the giant.

Those familiar with the Ray Harryhousen animated classic would say "A titan against a titan!" and that's exactly what happened. Nintendo basically tells E3 that they're not even worth their big name games. That's some serious ish! After the debacle, everyone lashes out at E3 from Dave Perry to EA's CEO: John Riccitiello, which of course leads people to speculate that E3 is finally at death's door.

There you have it. the perfect crime. An inside job of epic proportions. Now could I possibly believe that this conspiracy theory is true? well anything is possible. I don't really think that it's what really happened.. but all things considered... that would of been a coup of epic proportions

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