Sunday, June 22, 2008

Someone needs to fix that leak.....

So the big news about the E3 leak dropped on the 16th, but there are still buzzings around the internets about it being just a rumor, but I figure I might as well drop the news about the article. which is here.

The big news is about XBLA's "Avatars" which bear a similar look to the cutsey Mii avatars. XBLA's avatars will have a lifelike animated appearance and will be customizable (I like the cutsey bunny suit, personally. ) Like i said this could just be fabricated internet bull, but it's worth a gander.

Also XBLA might be getting "channels" like the game show network and such added to it's Live network.

the leaked E3 Wii news seems pretty bland. Gossip Girl? , Extreme Home makeover? , You don't know Jack?.

If this news is actually true, I'll be surprised, and pretty much depressed. I'm sure there are more innovative ideas out there that could be utilized in gaming consoles. I want to think that we live in a world of new ideas and thrilling concepts, a world where if a company wants to do better than it's competition it wouldn't rip their ideas and claim them as it's own new fresh ideas. I mean who would actually do something as sneaky and underhanded as that.. honestly who?

oh yeah... i forgot.

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