Thursday, June 26, 2008


Playstation 3 owners have more good things to look forward to . Update 2.4 is rumored to possibly give users their fondest wish and add in-game XBM functionality, as well as the rumored Trophy achievement system. Still no news on the status of Home yet, but at least you guys can check messages without having to exit the games completely, and the trophy concept will add some replayability. This and in-game messaging seems to be the fabled godsend that PS3 gamers were waiting for. I guess if you make a big enough fuss, and make your voices heard things actually do get done.

link'd - Rumor source

Speaking of fuss, Laurent Fischer Takes back what he says about Only Geeks and Otaku wanting a solution for the Wii's storage problem. Not only does he apologize for the statement, he confirmed Iawata's statement about Nintendo working on the storage issue. which If you haven't heard, will have nothing to do with a possible hdd add-on. The solution will not involve any new peripherals and may possibly be revealed during E3 next month. This might actually tie into Vicarious Vision's revelation that Guitar Hero: world tour will have DLC which will be downloaded and played directly from the SD card. If this works out Activision will already have outdone Rock Band for Wii, which excluded DLC and lead people to believe that it wasn't possible for Wii to have such features.

link'd - Fischer apology
link'd - Info about DLC for Wii

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